AutismOne Conference

The most rewarding educational and networking experience you can have at any autism conference!
An exceptional value as you gather new hope, answers, help, and direction.

This conference will help you answer and understand important concepts:

The AutismOne 2020 Conference will be held May 20-24, 2020, at the Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, IL.

"I started attending AutismOne in 2008. My son has a seizure disorder, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune encephalopathy, PANS/PANDAS, apraxia, and autism. I came to AutismOne in 2016 with a broken nose; my husband was home with a broken hand and a 3-inch gash on his nose that, in retrospect, required stitches. I knew my child was in pain. He was so aggressive we feared for our safety. Every doctor in every hospital was telling me, "This is just autism: take him home, and prepare for the worst; there is nothing more we can do.” I could not accept that. Behavior like that is pain. There is an unmet need. Nobody would help us.

"I had to draw upon all that I learned at this conference to save his life. If not for this conference, I fear we would have lost him. It was how I got to see the cutting-edge research from the very best doctors all in one place. I could never have afforded to see these doctors individually. This has been the best education and value on our entire journey. I have met some of my closest friends here. They are part of my extended family now. Being able to help my son has given us our life back. Two years ago, I taught him to type. Getting to share his life with him and watching his recovery from pain has been the greatest gift of my life. This conference gave me the tools and gave us hope. The support from friends I met here during our darkest days kept us going.

"I am pleased to say my son has gained 45 pounds in 3 years. Seizures are well managed. Aggression and self-injury are so well managed it’s almost completely a bad memory. He is typing in school and doing age-appropriate high school work. His teachers and support staff know he is intelligent. They know his mama will fight for him! He can now fight for himself. He asked to get his driver license. He dreams of going to college. I will never tell him anything is impossible. Yes, he has to worker harder. Yes, he still has a disability. We accept where we are at today, while realizing how far we have come. Everyone counted him out. It’s time to count him back in.

"Never lose hope, friends. Our journey is not without bumps in the road, but we are still going strong -- better than ever. We celebrate everything. We take nothing for granted.

"Life can be beautiful. Believe that."
~Victoria Grancarich, dedicated autism mother and AutismOne speaker

"AutismOne always has the cutting-edge information years ahead of any other autism conference. You hear it first at AutismOne." ~Janet Cakir, PhD