AutismOne Conference
2020 Movies
Thursday, May 21, 2020
PANEL: 3:30pm-4:00pm

In 2016, a media firestorm erupted when Tribeca Film Festival abruptly censored its documentary selection, VAXXED: FROM COVER-UP TO CATASTROPHE, amid pressure from pro-pharmaceutical interests.

In response to media silence on CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, who admitted to fraud on a pivotal vaccine safety study, VAXXED catapulted to notoriety and became a worldwide trending topic, opening to sold out theater audiences nationwide.

Stunned by the immense volume of parents lining up outside the theaters with vaccine injury stories to share, VAXXED producer Polly Tommey began to livestream worldwide reaching millions, and a community that had once been silenced were empowered to rise up.

In VAXXED II: THE PEOPLE'S TRUTH, Polly and the team travel over 50,000 miles in the USA and around the world. Interviews of parents and doctors with nothing to gain and everything to lose exposed the vaccine injury epidemic and asked the question on every parent's mind, "Are vaccines really as safe and effective as we've been told?"

Panel speakers: Polly Tommey, Kari Bundy, Dr. Brian Hooker, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq.

Rating: Unrated

Vaxxed II: The People's Truth contains images, videos, and verbal stories from parents of children who were injured or killed by adverse vaccine reactions. Some people may find this content distressing. Viewers discretion is advised, and parents are encouraged by the filmmakers to view the film themselves before deciding whether it is appropriate for their children to attend.
Sunday, 5/24/2020
Panel: 12:15pm-1:15pm
Mary Holland, Esq.; Mike Hugo, Esq.; James Moody, Esq.; Dr. Andrew Wakefield

"An important film about the truth behind the1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation program and vaccine makers who have immunity from prosecution."